Smoke and Dough
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Classic Grill with a Twist

At Smoke and Dough, we've taken the classic grill concept and given it a mesmerizing twist. Each table is adorned with lava coal pits, infusing the air with the tantalizing aroma of BBQ.

Our chef's mastery comes to life as they prepare succulent meats and delightful dishes, making every meal an unforgettable experience. Paired with our carefully curated wine and cocktails selection, your dining journey will be nothing short of extraordinary. Welcome to our golden-cased wonderland of flavors!

Let’s Get Together & Explore

Step into the heart of Smoke and Dough, where the true essence lies in sharing food and creating cherished memories. Our inviting ambiance beckons friends, partners, and families alike to come together and indulge in a feast that warms the soul.

From our diverse menu featuring grill delights and more, including vegetarian and vegan options, there's something to delight every palate. As plates are passed, laughter fills the air, and conversations flow, we invite you to explore the joy of togetherness at Smoke and Dough Bay!

Dine In

Step into the joyous world of Smoke and Dough, Liverpool One's ultimate dining destination for unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Indulge in the finest grilled meats, expertly cooked and served at your table, alongside a delightful selection of wine, cocktails, and more. It's interactive dining like never before!

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Private Celebration

We are just a hip outlet for conducting Private celebrations in the city. Our restaurant offers a unique dining experience with lava coal pits on every table.

Our fixed price 2 course sharing menu becomes the base for the celebrations and apart from that, we try our level best to make your get together the one that will make you feel all the very special in each and every way. So, if you are planning for any Private Celebrations do contact us and we are all there for you.

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Kids Parties

Smoke and Dough is a perfect venue for the family. Our special kid's meal consists of cheese slider, chicken nuggets, baked beans, french fries, mac n cheese, cucumber pearl, cherry tomato.
The entire meal comes in a specially designed individual bento box so that every kid can enjoy the meal fully. The fixed price of just £6.99 serves great value for money for any kids party.

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Birthday Parties

Birthday comes once in a year and it is supposed to be celebrated in the most amazing fashion possible. Here at Smoke and Dough, we try to make your special day all the more special as we have all that you require for an awesome birthday. From warm staff to gorgeous dining experience, modern wine and cocktails bar , to the cozy ambiance, everything will match your aura on your birthday .

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Office Parties

Working together in the Team is fun, similarly partying with colleagues should be fun as well and we at Smoke and Dough very well understand your requirements. That's the reason, we are serving a unique dining experience perfect for sharing with drinks that are all capable to make you more social at an Official hangout.

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Hen and Stag Parties

If you are looking forward to organizing the hen or stag party at our venue, we'll be more than happy to organize that for you at our venue. Just hop in smoke and Dough with your group of friends and the fun will begin as our staff will be all available to make it a fun-filled event.

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Group Bookings

Our restaurant is capable to accumulate more than 150 people easily. We invite your group to hang out at our venue. We happily accept group bookings and if you are looking forward to an outing with your group of friends, we are an ideal destination.
Fixed menu. Fixed price dining experience makes it perfect for your group bookings for all occasions.

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Wedding Parties

When wedding bells ring it's the time we come into action as we are here to feast your guest on your wedding, our fresh,
homemade, live cooking concept creates an experience that will be loved by your guests on your wedding. The fixed price also helps you to plan your budget . So, just book us for your wedding party as we have a capacity of 150 sit down guests to handle (apart from a bar which can hold 50 guests) on your special day and make all your guests delight.

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